Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad Old Primer and why they should be thrown away

Things one should not scrimp cents on...

using up that last bit of primer. It's fine if one is just looking to do up some random terrain, but not when one is playing with the latest toy out of Nottingham.

Pictures below.
Click for larger blowups of a primed-wreck.

Luckily The Lazy Paintbrush has lots of paint thinners available, from plastic-meltas to plastic-caressers. The latter option from Gunze Sangyo was used. The new bada## prettyboy with bad dreams is now ready to be re-primed.

Excuse the thinner shine. Didn't wait for it to dry. But yes, narry a speck of white primer left. Wondrous things, these plastic-friendly thinners.

Ahh... some time lost. Moving on.