Saturday, September 26, 2009

Space Hulk - an exercise in washes

after many games of 1: Suicide Mission, a few brothers were selected to be painted.

Finished Projects:
Now the LazyPaintbrush was also the LazyPhotographer, and forgot to take pictures of the completed battle brothers. This will be rectified sometime soon.

Brother Zael
Burn the unclean. Suffer not the alien to live. Brother Zael carries around the Heavy Flamer, a most useful toy, even if it has ammunition issues.

These 2 flanking pictures have Zael at the end of stage 1, with 1 yellow wash, 1 red wash, base colors for the other bits, and another red wash.

Nice and bright the red is.

After more touching up errors, and the 1 1/2 to 2 layers of Ogryn Flesh, you can see the difference.
Ctrl-click on the picture to see it in seperate tab, or Shift-Click to see it in another window.

The dark lines i-nbetween the power fist fingers are due to 2 to 3 layers of ogryn Flesh.

Wonderful thing, this washing method is. On the right, you can see the wash's effects on the armoured hood.

Brother Noctis

Here we have battle-brother Noctis.

The model was primed with GW's white primer undercoat. Due to the fact that the plastic was red, the primer layer was thicker than normal. Odd that we would want to cover all the red, and then re-wash the model with red. But, that's just the way modelers like to do things.

At this stage, Noctis has been washed in the following steps:
1. Vallejo Yellow Wash
2. Vallejo Red Wash
3. Base colors for the other parts.
  • Black for the trim on the storm bolter.
  • Adeptus Battlegrey for the flexible bendy parts, vents, chains, and main body of the gun.
  • Iyanden Darksun for the chest eagle, crux terminatus on the left shin, at the end of the chain.
  • Vallejo Model Color Dark Sand for the purity seals.
4. Vallejo Red Wash.
As you can still see, there are splashes of wash on the purity seals, vents, etc. Sometimes, the Lazypaintbrush is truly lazy.
That just means more touch-up work later.

After more touching up, and the wash of Ogryn Flesh (2x Red wash gave the necessary depth of red, but it was soooo bright! Ogryn flesh solved the brightness... about 1 1/2 layers, 2 layers for the areas where Lazypaintbrush really wanted to show depth (between the fingers of the power fist, darker corners of the armoured hood).

Either way, the result flanks this paragraph.

So the completed pictures to come. But, how exactly does this washing method work?


Lazypaintbrush will try to explain with this all in one graphic.

Here we have 4 other Battle Brothers.
Leon, Scipio, Valencio, Deino

Leon has only 1 layer of yellow wash.
Sciopio has 1 yellow and 1 OgrynFlesh.
Valencio has 1 yellow and 1 red wash.
Deino has 1 yellow and 2 red washes.

You can see the effects layering the washes one after another has had on the battle brothers. Lazypaintbrush enjoys using yellow as the base color, as it helps bring out the white.

Anyway, more of the 4 battle brothers next time.